How To Join

We invite you to join NCT (National Camping Travelers, Inc.)
A Masonic FAMILY Camping Club

Tents - 5th Wheels - Motor Home - Truck Camper - Travel Trailers - Heck we don't care just join the fun!

Tent – 5th Wheel – Motor Home – Truck Camper -Travel Trailer – Heck we don’t care just join the fun!


An applicant for membership in NCT shall be a Master Mason or Order of Eastern Star member in good standing
in a recognized jurisdiction of the United States, Canada or Mexico.


Applicants for membership will not be investigated or balloted on.

Applicant must complete the NCT Membership Application Form and submit it to the National Office or Local Chapter with a copy of their current Dues Card and the appropriate fees.

A membership in National Camping Travelers, Inc. consists of one family unit (husband, wife, and all unmarried children under the age of 21 years)

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We're Pet Friendly!

We’re a Fun Group and We’re Pet Friendly!








Welcome To Our Newest Masonic Family Campers

#22256 Bro. Frank & Jan Pratt
#22257 Bro. Richard & Wendee Sturgeon
#22258 Bro. Bill & Kathie Burgie
#22259 Bro. Dean & Mary Ruth Bennett
#22260 Bro. Brent & Julie Tomlin
#22261 Bro. Donald & Wendy Forbes
#22262 Bro. Hall & Anne Blankenship
#22263 Bro. Douglas & Janie Linneberger
#22264 Bro. Michael & Gloria Mitchell
#22265 Bro. Phillip & Nancy Archer
#22266 Bro. Richard & Martha Dunlap
#22267 Bro. Charles & Jenneth Boudron
#22268 Bro. George & Monica Ondick
#22269 Bro. Arnold & Rita Kantor
#22270 Bro. Richard Thomson
#22271 Bro. Gary & Sandra Mullen
#22272 Bro. Charles & Lorraine Wood
#22273 Bro. Steve & Sharon Amato
#22274 Bro. Andy & Joyce Forgo
#22275 Susan & Roger Phenix
#22276 Bro. David Crites
#22277 Bro. Michael & Cecilia Weems
#22278 Bro. Richard Bartels
#22279 Bro. James & Betsy Maxwell
#22280 Janet Lee
#22281 Bro. Charles & Lynn Escher
#22282 Bro. Alan & Mary Nelson
#22283 Bro. Andrew &  Holly Sullivan
#22284 Bro. Michael & Christine Smith
#22285 Bro. Kurt & Alyssa Warner (Grandson of #850)
#22286 Audre Barney

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