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Organizational Rally 
Held At:
Black Horse Tavern Campground
Gettysburg, Penn.
August 12, 13, 14, 15, 1966

There being sufficient interest among Camping Families with Masonic Affiliations, these Families assembled at Black Horse Tavern Campground on the above dates to form a National Association.

First, we must enter into this Record the outstanding hospitality of our Hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gormley, owners; and Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pensinger, Mrs. Gormley’s Parents, without whose concern about our Rally and its Program, we would not have been able to conduct our business with such efficiency. I know it was appreciated bu our Chairman, Bro. Myron Fox, to have a Program set up and also a Saturday night Dinner arranged for the group when he arrived at Camp.  We are surely indebted to the Gormleys for all that they did to make us feel at home in Gettysburg.

 Friday Evening
August 12, 1966 – 7:45 P.M.

 This informal meeting was held in the Campground for the purpose of adopting a Proposal to form a National Masonic Campers Association.  There were 13 Masonic Families assembled.  The meeting was called to order by Br. Myron Fax, of Brookville, Ohio, organizer of this Rally.  Br. Fox gave the Invocation and then proceeded to inform the group of the basic reason for his interest in forming a Club.  By joining together we can help each other with information of areas we travel in; visit with members in other parts of the country; and extend a helping hand so that all may enjoy camping trips.  Br. Fox spoke of mentioning his idea to the Editors of the ROYAL ARCH MASON MAGAZINE and they suggested he start such a group.  Accordingly, he proceeded to set up our First Rally in Pennsylvania.  He extended a very cordial welcome to all present and hoped that our efforts would be fruitful during the coming days of organization.

Br. Fox then introduced Wor. Br. Paul Pensinger, District Deputy for the Fourth Masonic District in Penn., and also P.M. of GOOD SAMARITAN LODGE #336, located in Gettysburg, Penn.  Wor. Br. Pensinger welcomed us to Gettysburg and especially to Black Horse Tavern Campground, as he has more than a passing interest in its future through the Gormleys.  E spoke his words of appreciation for our acceptance of their invitation to hold our Rally there, and that it was their pleasure to do what they did in trying to make our stay enjoyable.  Wor. Bro. Pensinger then introduced Wor. Br. Richard Unger, Wor. Master of GOOD SAMARITAN LODGE #336, Gettysburg, who was accompanied by several of his Lodge Brothers.  Each spoke a few words to tell us how pleased they were to be with us that evening, and wished us much success with our new venture.

It was then unanimously agreed that Br. Myron Fox should be appointed Organizing Chairman and preside over a meeting on Saturday for the purpose of electing Officers.

All Families present then introduced themselves, in turn, around the circle so that all might be known to each other.

Br. Thomas Guice of Baltimore, Md., spoke of the need for a name and emblem, after it was definitely agreed that we should form a National Masonic Campers Club.  He also suggested that we consider holding our future Annual Rallys at selected Historical Sites.  He pointed out that we were meeting on hallowed ground on this occasion here in Gettysburg, where men fought and died during the Civil War.

It will be generally agreed that this First Introductory Meeting of Masonic Campers was beneficial to all concerned.  It was a friendly gathering of people genuinely determined to form a National Association and to plant the seeds of Brotherhood in Camping through……………..

What fruit it will bear remains to be seen as time unfolds itself to us.  The spirit of optimism that prevailed throughout the Rally should indicate in some measure that our New Association was off to a good start.

The Meeting was adjourned by Chairman Fox at dusk, after which a campfire was started and a pleasant social hour was enjoyed by all.

Respectfully Submitted
Loring W. Stannard

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